Saturday, 29 May 2010


I need to start writing in English (well more than I usually write, as my writing is mainly reports for work and for English course. Why not have a go with my blog? Please, be kind with me... I know my writing isn’t fantastic, but I keep trying :-)

Fantasticks! For the first time I watch this kind of show in England. First time?!?!? Yes, its’ true... and I could get used to it! Went with colleagues from work and its was a great evening!

Like a child I’ve enjoyed everything! The show is funny but at the same time has message (or I found a message for me LOL), the actors are good and loved the songs! Quite informal as I like (can't stand those posh places... not me, not my cuppa of tea)

Anyway in the end I’ve walked home with a colleague. We’ve left the others at Convent Garden Tube Station and walked together to Goodge Street. Two minutes after I left my colleague I was in my Palace!

That area is so exciting, is it West End? Fantastic! The people, the Theatres... For those who live here for years, its normal, nothing new! For me is discovering London! I think I’ve already said that I LOVE LONDON!

(And now I’m going to publish this... Microsoft Word doesn’t identify mistakes... but I know that I can’t trust MW... anyway... It’s an exercise... ehehehehehe!)

Oh!! By the way Don't miss the show!


Carla said...

I could never tell that you love London ;)

I agree with you, what a wonderful place to be!!!

Just make the most of it!!!

Fantastic idea to practice your english!!

Beijocas e um óptimo fim de semana prolongado xxx

Lidia said...

Well done, glad you started writing in English, very good for you :D

Even more glad you enjoyed the the show :D